Lady Dorotka – awesome string puppetLady Dorotka – awesome string puppetLady Dorotka – awesome string puppetLady Dorotka – awesome string puppetLady Dorotka – awesome string puppetLady Dorotka – awesome string puppet
foto: Lady Dorotka – awesome string puppetfoto: Lady Dorotka – awesome string puppetfoto: Lady Dorotka – awesome string puppetfoto: Lady Dorotka – awesome string puppetfoto: Lady Dorotka – awesome string puppetfoto: Lady Dorotka – awesome string puppet

Lady Dorotka – awesome string puppet


Easy-to-use puppet is our favorite big-eyed girl Dorotka. Hand-painted marionette with a magical smile and hand-made clothes.

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Please, note that each marionette is an original piece of art and it may slightly differ from the pictures above. For example the clothes or the hair colour may be different, depending on the availability of the materials.

The puppets in this category represent the Czech tradition in puppet making. These are mostly small series cast puppets, which are then hand decorated by sewing and painting.

  • Size: 33 cm (13.0 inches)
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Material: Resin
  • Production: Casted
  • Mobility: Semi-professional (high)
  • Gender Girl
  • Character: Other

Smily cute marionette :)

Lady Dorotka Marionette is quite a lovely girl. This handmade marionette will definitely bring a positive mood to your home. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to be around such a pretty girl...

This friendly, happy Dorotka girl stands 13 inches (33 cm) tall. Her whole outfit is carefully sewn by a handy seamstress and her shoes are hand carved from wood. Her copper colour braided hair is made from gentle wool. Every inch of this puppet is made with a great sense for detail, which you can notice especially in her hand-painted face. Look at her tender kind eyes and sweet smile :) All these attributes make Dorotka a special one. She is a lifetime toy full of emotions, and she will easily become the sweetheart of your family.

More about a puppet...

The puppet is made in a classic style and small series. The skeleton is made of wood, the head and hands are cast from non-hazardous and impact-resistant resin, the legs and shoes are hand-carved and cut, the face is hand-painted. It has a basic range of motion and is easy to use, so even a complete beginner can easily play with it.

Would you like our Dorotka marionette?

Just order the puppet and she will make you happier in few days :)) And also browse further on and see the other Cartoon puppets. Look at amazing Michael Jackson, Jack Sparrow, Pinocchio, or marionettes in the manga style... The selection is really huge ;)

If you are looking for a nice and high-quality gift for children, you don't have to.
Everyone will love this awesome puppet - just because it is very durable, and it is easy to play with it :)

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Lanea Holesinsky Holesinsky 11. 12. 2021bbbbb

From the moment is saw this marionette it called to me absolutely stunning gorgeous. The craftsmanship on this is top notch every detail easy to work from the start wow I don’t know what to say except as my first experience trusting a seller and first purchase of a marionette I will be sure that I will only be back to this maker . Thank you so very much!!!!!!!i love my Christmas gift to myself. Was afraid I’d I should get this as my own gift thank goodness I made the choice to. Happy Holidays! Lanea Holesinsky

ALHitpas 13. 1. 2021bbbbb

I bought this marionette for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. It is a well made, very sweet puppet.

Leanne Guihot 12. 8. 2020bbbbb

Just exquisite ❣️❣️ Perfect - and so carefully boxed and shipped. This is a gift, and I am very, very happy :)

jllynch1 27. 7. 2020bbbbb

Beautifully made, excellent quality and quick shipping. Just what Iʼd expect from a leading Czech maker of marionettes - very happy!

Donna Brush 14. 4. 2020bbbbb

Beautiful puppet love it very very well done thank you

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