• Most often made of hardened plaster (traditional technique), resin, or polymer
  • 3D printing, paper mache, etc.


  • 2-8 joints, simple controller
  • 9+ joints, simple controller
  • 9+ joints, fully functional controller

Cartoon Marionettes

Cartoon Marionettes are one of our most popular products. Children love them for their big eyes and friendly personalities. They will never be just figurines in a shop window. Cartoon marionettes are always ready to entertain and keep a lifetime friendship alive. Every character has its own story. Let’s take a closer look and discover their secrets. Don’t be afraid to be curious!  Their bodies are hand carved from wood. The heads and hands are cast from resin which means they won’t break easily. Even when you play with them and accidentally drop them. Honestly though, once you see their big cute eyes, you’ll treat them with such love and care.

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