About Marionettes.cz

We are here for you right in Prague, in Nerudova street in downtown, directly opposite the stairs from Prague Castle! If you couldn´t come to us in person, we will be happy to send you puppets anywhere in the world.

Hand-made marionettes. Small series & originals.

Huge selection at Marionettes.cz

We have a large selection of puppets from our workshop in Nerudova street, as well as marionettes from other puppeteers.

We offer various characters, sizes, materials, and manufacturing quality. You can get marionettes for a few dollars as well as pieces of great value. You can also find cool gifts for kids or art masterpieces. 


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What can you find at Marionettes.cz?

1. Small series production of popular marionettes
2. Custom-made marionettes
3. Marionettes and components sale
4. Educational lessons (make or play)
5. Gallery of art and antique marionettes

We specialize in marionettes made based on a photo, professional puppets for theatres, marionettes for performers, YouTubers, etc.  Also, classic wooden hand-carved marionettes of top quality and several types of DIY kits. 

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Our top marionettes from small series

The king of our puppets is Baby Bonnie. He is our sweetheart. He's a fabulous dancer and takes great photos.

Popular Mini Anymator as DIY kit is great for everyone. Even a 10year old kid can put it together. Tested on our own kids:-)

And of course ANY – Anymator. A universal puppet that comes with a e-learning video.

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Marionettes for film, advertising, theatres, and performers 

Besides aesthetics, the marionettes must be very light and perfectly balanced for their durability, and functionality.

Adam, Tomáš, and Aleš are our technologist designers, who have a degree from Puppet University. They can design any type of marionette or a whole puppet theatre.

Marionettes for film and for Performers

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Marionettes made based on a photo

We design the puppets in a 3D graphic program and print them out afterward. Then comes brushing, compiling, movement testing, sewing, and stringing. 

During the whole time of the manufacture, we keep you posted about the process. We provide photos in each stage, and we make sure you're happy with the production.

Portrait marionettes

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Make your own marionette!

Are you a creative person that would like to try something new? Is your kid keen to try new things?

You don't need to be talented wood carves to make a fully functional puppet. All you need is a bit of imagination, the right mood, and patience.

We offer single parts and several types of DIY kits for marionette making. 

DIY Kits & Components

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Courses and workshops

In our lessons you can learn how to make or play the marionettes. Usually, we provide a bunch of them. Our favorite ones are these:

1. Marionette playing workshop – beginners

2. Marionette playing workshop – intermediate 

3. Anymator assembling workshop

4. Wood carving workshop

5. Anatomy and construction workshop

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Stunning originals from Czech carvers 

They are beautiful, perfectly built, and there is simply no flaw. They are all hand-carved from high-quality wood and there only will be a few pieces made.

They are all originals and some of them even come as unique artwork, made only by one piece.

Art marionettes


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A small teaser of how Marionettes.cz play

Check out this successful Indian commercial with our marionettes


A video with our sweethearts


Are you going to fall for the magic of marionettes?

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