Wedding season is here! Bring the perfect wedding gift with

Wedding season is here! Bring the perfect wedding gift with

The weather is getting warmer and summer is here in full swing which means it is time for weddings, outdoor parties and bachelorettes! And since gift giving is a huge part of this period, we are here to make sure you are going to stand out of the crowd with the perfect gift. A marionette gift!

No need to brainstorm and end up with a boring gift this time around. While all your friends will be bringing money in envelopes which the couple in question will forget about five minutes after spending, bring a gift that not only shows you are a thoughtful person but also a creative one.

All you need is a photo of the happy couple, does not need to be a wedding one just yet, and our email address or phone number. We can then make marionettes based on your photograph according to your wants, needs and budget. The most preferred marionettes based on a photo are the ones that are made by our 3D printers. They are lighter and a tad cheaper so they make for a perfect wedding gift that looks like it cost you thousands of euros. We can also agree on a wooden version but bear in mind this might take us a little longer and cost you a bit more. The takeaway though is a gift like no other.

If a marionette is something you are not sure about for the happy couple, you can try something different and gift our courses! This is a fun and unique way of bonding over a craft they have not tried before and they might just as well find their new favourite hobby. Or you might help them start a new marionette collection addiction. Either way, you will sure be remembered as the most creative host at the wedding.

Giving a marionette is not just giving a puppet on a string. It is a show of appreciation of the craft that has been on a brink of exctinction. A proper marionette takes time, effort, patience and years of skills that are only appreciated through the eyes of a true admirerer. If you choose to give a marionette as a gift, you are spreading awarness of our craft which we love and will be forever grateful for.

Have a look at our marionettes based on a photo category here:

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