• Hand-carved mostly made of linden wood
  • Most often made of hardened plaster (traditional technique), resin, or polymer


  • 9+ joints, simple controller
  • 9+ joints, fully functional controller
  • 9+ joints, fully functional controller, weight balanced puppet

Marionette StarDance

Starring – Baby Bonnie!

Enrique, Violka a Petr Skácel | © 2020

The lead part in this video belongs to the Baby Bonnie marionette. Needless to say, it couldn't dance so well without our Enrique. First of all, he is a great puppeteer, and second of all, every Baby Bonnies marionette is born thanks to Enrique. Each of them goes through his hands during the process of creating. He also strings them so perfectly, that they can do all the moves you see in the video. :)

Violka is responsible for the video as a whole. She's been shooting the movie with us for two days, kept encouraging us, and simply cheered us up. In the end, she cut the movie into the final version we all like.

And Petr? He's the soul of every new project. He took the role of the director and he also played almost every supporting role.:)



Na loutkovém videu se podíleli: Enrique, Violka a Petr Skácel

Dancing marionette performance

It is important to consider the marionette's ability to move and all it can do. Because we do a lot of on-line stuff, a video is a perfect choice to show you what you can actually do with your puppet. You can see some of the videos in the product's detail, some other videos are uploaded only on our FaceBook page. 

Baby Bonnie is designed as a dancing marionette and that's why we shot another skeleton video with him. The youngest member among skeletons is the star, but they're all stunning and very well movable. As you can see yourself.  


Where did we shoot with the marionettes?

It would be a shame not to use this wonderful location in the Prague center, where our shop and workshop are located. Mysterious gothic cellar, interiors of old Prague houses, and beautiful view at the panorama from windows right under the Prague castle.  

Some of the shots were taken at our workshop in Nerudova Street, where we make Baby Bonnies puppets as well. Other shots, the ones with multiple marionettes in there, are from our shop next door. The fascinating romantic scenes were shot in the cellar from the 13th century in Nerudova 45 street. We could use this wonderful space thanks to our friendly shop Curiomat. Well, and the rest is just stunning scenery around the Prague castle.

Take a look at our amazing stars :)

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