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 Review by Emeritus Professor Joe Goldblatt

"Many years ago, my wife and I were in Tokyo. We purchased some puppets and the Japanese sales assistant secretly whispered to us "The best marionettes in the world are made in Prague."  I recently discovered and now I know why this reputation for artistic excellence and quality is so well deserved. We have begun collecting their exquisite figures and they bring magic, hope snd joy into our home.  What a wonderful team of designers who create unique characters to delight those who love marionettes all over the world!"
Emeritus Professor Joe Goldblatt
Edinburgh, Scotland 

Review by Dr. Stan Ford

"It was over 30 years ago that I was first exposed to the world of Marionettes through a brilliant performance at the famous Salzburg Marionette Theatre. I returned to see every production they had in their repertoire. The staff was so kind to take me behind the scenes and even witness their artistry close up. They took time to show me the process of custom making the marionettes in great detail and travelling to certain parts of the world to hand-choose top material for their costumes. This level of high quality was instilled into my quest for collecting marionettes. I was very fortunate to find this kind of quality in your firm and read in your newsletters about the dedication and passion you have for your products. Having purchased several of your creations for my collection, I cannot thank you enough for the excitement and joy they continue bring to me on a daily basis. I proudly have them displayed throughout my residence among many others I have travelled world-wide to collect. I look forward to adding even more of your unique Marionettes to my collection in the future. Again, thank you.  I wish you continued success in all over your endeavors as you inspire people through the world of marionettes." 
Dr. Stan Ford, Univ.-Prof

Review by Nicola Curwood

"I just wanted to leave a review. I sent an email a few months ago and Dagmar replied. She was so helpful and managed to track down a marionette that I bought from you several years ago and was no longer in production. It was a leprechaun marionette that I bought for my Irish parents. They loved him. Unfortunately, my mother developed Alzheimer's and threw out anything with a face as she felt they were looking at her. We managed to save many precious things but not the marionette.
I can't tell you how happy I am to have him back. He's amazing and the customer service from Dagmar was perfect!
We've been to Prague many times and always visit your shop and always buy another marionette so the leprechaun is in good company. You has always been the best marionette shop in Prague in our opinion but after finding this marionette for us it's by far the best shop with the best customer service."
Nicky Curwood.

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Joshua Alden 17. 6. 2021bbbbb

Great seller, very beautiful marionette, thank you

Purchased item:Cheeky Devil Marionette Puppet
Aria Moretti 15. 6. 2021bbbbb

The puppet is so beautifully created, I love it

Purchased item:Countess Annie - a puppet of a tender blonde with a fashionable hat
Moe Armstrong 14. 6. 2021bbbbb

I put on some Deuter music and have this puppet dance. My friends love it. I love it

Purchased item:Lovely Pierrot string puppet
Moe Armstrong 14. 6. 2021bbbbb

Wow this is the real cowboy. The cowboy without a horse is what I call him. He is the star of the show. My friends love him. I am from New Mexico. I know cowboys. This marionette is the best for me

Purchased item:Cowboy from the Wild West
Moe Armstrong 14. 6. 2021bbbbb

This puppet has surpassed my expectations. This Dracula is going to have his own show. My friends fall over laughing and enjoy the shows that I do for them.

Purchased item:Count Dracula - a decorative string puppet in a beautiful costume

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