Replicas – when one marionette just wasn´t enough

Replicas – when one marionette just wasn´t enough

In our craft, it is fairly common that we make only a very limited amount of marrionettes and puppets. This gives each marionette a level of exclusivity and individuality that our collectors and customers seek while partnering with us. This has always been the process in this industry. However, we know that some marionettes are too iconic and have been off the market for centuries, that it would be a shame for them to never see the light of day again. That is where our replicas come in.

Iconic marionettes usually come with a very high price tag or are almost impossible for you to get your hands on. However, it is not only the appearance that makes them so iconic. In many cases it is more the technique, the material and the story behind the crafting that makes them so special. Sure, you can buy a pinocchio puppet in almost every toy store, however, the original one will always be the most special.


But what if there is no way you can get your favourite marionette in the original format but still want the same look and feel? That is where we come to play. As you know, our craft is more than our job but more so our passion. We are always up for new challenges and new projects. And this one might be the biggest bite we ever took. We have decided to produce replicas of famous marionettes, as similar as possible. And by that we mean the material, the process and the technique included. This is a very challenging task that not only takes hours to achieve but also all of our knowledge and sometimes even some more studying. Nonetheless, we are nothing if not up for challenging ourselves with new projects.

That is not all. As we work on restoration and replicating of famous marionettes, we also like to collect as much information as possible regarding marionettes. Therefore, maybe you have came across your favourite marionette that you would like us to replicate and maybe you know a bit more about it than we do. So we would love for you to share any new findings with us as that can greatly help us when designing your dream marionette.

So if you ever wondered how it feels to have the real pinocchio or the cast from sound of music in your own home, now it is a great time for you to give us a try. And then you can see for yourself, how well we did with replicating the original. You can find out more about this whole process here:

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