Performers´ hub: Everything we offer for professionals and performers

Performers´ hub: Everything we offer for professionals and performers

Are you a performer or a professional puppeteer yourself? You have come to the right place! We always love to meet people who understand our craft and want to share it with others. That is why we summed up all our resources that we provide for our fellow professionals to get them ready and set to perform.

Puppetry is a craft we loved for a very long time and has defined and changed our lives completely. Which is why we love to see someone with similar passion. As we are based in the Czech Republic, the heart of Europe, puppetry is something that runs through our history. However, we understand that it might be a bit difficult to find someone with similar passion like ours and the right resources for performance. Here are a few of the ones we offer to you!

Marionettes for performers

 Now every marionette can be used for performance, however, not every marionette is as suitable as our performance marionettes. When you are a street performer or even a theatre performer, you need your marionettes to last and you cannot worry you might break them when they are too delicate. That is why we offer performance marionettes. As flexible as you need, as durable as your job requires. And obviously, very entertaining to watch. Our classic staples are our skeletons and robots, which you can find in interesting variations. But we also have more famous ones, such as Elvis Presley, or a funny interation of his in a wolf form. Check them all out here:

DIY kits and 3D prints

Sometimes the best marionette is the one you make yourself. Our DIY kits are designed to help you with that. They are also a perfect way to customise a marionette you need for a certain performance of your own, if you cannot find one in our catalogue. You will also find parts of marionettes in here, in case some part of yours has broken or needs replacement.
If you are lucky to be equipped with a 3D printer, you will love our 3D prints. These prints serve as a great guide or inspiration for your future project. Sometimes a little creativity is all you need to boost your performance. Have a look at our DIY kits here and 3D prints here.


Just got into the craft or need to improve your knowledge? We have the right courses for you. Whether you are a beginner or someone, who has been in the industry for some time, we can help broaden your knowledge or refresh some methods you might not be familiar with. As some of you might know, we are proud establishers of the Puppetry University in Prague (PUP), so you can trust us we know what we are talking about. Check our courses here:

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