The book about our Moody now on Kickstarter!

The book about our Moody now on Kickstarter!

Support this amazing project until June 28th! You can have a wonderful book that is describing Moody's adventures on the planet Earth and also Moody's mini puppet :) You can support this project till June 31st by purchasing on our website.

Moody na Kickstarteru!

  • At Kickstarter, you can choose several ways on how to help and what to choose as a reward for your support.

  • You can add one of these variations of the puppet to the book. Both of them together or separately...
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The story of Moody's book

Are you curious about what the book will look like? 
Here is the cover page as a little tasting :)

Moody, obálka knihy

Moody comes from the distant future, and he is catapulted right to the year 2021 due to a short circuit. At this moment, he is found on the beach by a young ecologist Evita who travels the world with her van and cleans beaches off from plastics and other waste.

This meeting is the beginning of a journey that leads Moody to meet his new friends. Each of them makes Moody and the reader discover a very urgent topic: from environmental and animal protection to disability. They go through art and culture. They're all surrounded by the terrible reality that has hit the world in past decades. During this adventurous journey full of twists and turns, Moody and his new friends also arrive in Prague ... 

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Meet Moody our robotic marionette!

This is a hi-end marionette with robotic features (Supermarionation). Moody has a flexible face with various facial expressions 

Would you lik to know more about "big" Moody? See the details...

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