Marionettes and 3D printing – make one with us!

Marionettes and 3D printing – make one with us!

Puppetry is a craft that takes many years to perfect and building a marionette is a long journey as well. But sometimes, time is of the essence and our customers need a new marionette ASAP. That is when 3D printing comes to play.

Our masteer puppeteer Peter started with 3D printing of marionettes 10 years ago, when he first received a request from a famous business star from Cairo. He requested 18 marionettes of a large size to be delivered in 3 months. This seemed to be an impossible task, however, Peter had an idea to give the then new technology of 3D printing a chance. Unaware of the potential risks and flaws of the technology, he spent many sleepless nights with his graphic designer friend and finally managed to conquer the technology and deliver the marionettes.

He was now ready to use 3D technology in his everyday life. And you can now too! 3D printing is very common these days and it seems that many people own these machines as frequently as a classic printer. And this trend will only continue. That is why we prepared a set of many different models of marionettes or parts of marionettes that you can print at home. Or we can print them for you.

We offer a huge collection of .stl files you can use for your 3D printing projects, including whole marionettes or parts such as heads, hands, bodies or controlers. You can also find here heads of famous characters from movies. And if you are not interested in people or characters, you can try our beautiful pianos, guitars, shoes and other cool stuff for 3D printing.

If you don´t own a 3D printer or don´t trust yourself, we can print it for you. You can either choose from our models that we have available online, or you can have a chat with us and we will come up with a custom desing that is right for you. Here you can have a look at all our models. And here you can look up our services for the 3D printed marionettes. And if you still did not choose the right marionette for you, here we can come up with a nice one just for you.

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