Keep your marionettes in mint condition! How to take care of your marionettes?

Keep your marionettes in mint condition! How to take care of your marionettes?

So you finally got your dream marionette and you want to keep it in the best condition possible? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about taking care of marionettes to stay in the best condition. Print this guide to your friends if you plan on giving them a marionette gift, they will thank you!

Contrary to popular belief, even things you do not use everyday need to be taken care of. Especially marionettes or wooden marionettes. Just because you do not play with them, does not mean you do not need to keep them in shape. And if you do take them out even once a week, even more reasons to give them a proper scrub, but gently!

Storing your marionette

If you own a wooden marionette, you need to be extra careful when storing it. It should never be exposed to water or reside in a damp place. Keep it away from direct sunlight as well as any intense home lighting. Some electrical appliences produce heat so be mindful of those as well. If you have a 3D printed marionette, you should still be vary of those conditions, but the damage would not be so prominent from the start. Keeping your marionette in a room temperature place with no direct light should be just enough.

Cleaning your marionette

Whether you keep it out in the open or in a box, dust can get everywhere and make your marionette look dull. Use a lukewarm water dipped cloth to gently go over exposed areas, but be very careful around the face and around anything that is painted. Also, when using such cloth, it should be as „dry“ as possible, as excess water would harm the marionette. Do not use any household cleaners or soaps, as they might contain harsh chemicals. If you own a marionette with hair or fur, it is fine to gently brush them once in a while, especially when played with often.

Feeding your marionette

No, we are not mad. You can feed your marionette but not with food! The best nourishment for your marionette is playtime. Although pretty as a household accessory, marionettes are not just „dust catchers“ and should be played with as much as you can. Did you know that playing with marionettes or showing your marionettes to children can increase their cognitive functioning? We have an entire article dedicated to puppet play as a tool for education that you should not miss! Here:


Looking for an inspiration? Find your new marionette here or create your own if you feel up for it!


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