Everything you need for your 3D printing world!

Everything you need for your 3D printing world!

As you know, 3D printed marionettes are a big part of our portfolio and we also like to distribute models for 3D printing. We strive for a weekly update of our 3D printed puppet heaven and add different models for printing on a frequent basis. Have a look at what you can find in our shop!

Our most popular models for 3D printing are heads, bodies and shoes. You can also find different sizes and styles of hands and other props, such as musical instruments. And of course a wide range of filaments and controllers for your marionettes. No need to worry about your skill level as usually all our models are suited even for the ultimate beginners.

What we also offer is 3D printing services where you can ask us to make a custom 3D printing model that is just for you and print it at home or come to us with a print and we can print it for you! We print heads and bodies separately or you can choose a whole marionette.

The latest addition to our 3D printing catalogue is the Saint Dominic marionette. Take the exceptional opportunity to create your own spiritual symbol. This file is specifically designed for 3D printing, allowing you to effortlessly bring a realistic and detailed Saint Dominic puppet to life right in your own home. Regardless of your modeling or sculpting skills, you will achieve a perfect result thanks to the precise dimensions and proportions of this file. Don't miss the chance to bring Saint Dominic to life in your own unique style through 3D printing of the puppet.

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