Take a tour through our Etsy shop and save money!

Take a tour through our Etsy shop and save money!

As every niche business, even we are huge fans of Etsy. We have met some of our amazing customers through there and formed some very good partnerships. Sure, we stay true to our site, but sometimes we like to cast our net even wider. And thanks to that, you can now save 12 % with your order in our Etsy shop now!

Now, we know what we are talking about when it comes to Etsy, we are a Star Seller aftr all! Having sold almost 3 000 marionettes and puppets on Etsy, we pride ourselves in our achievements, such as smooth shipping with tracking, quickly replying to all your questions and concerns as well as having on average a 4.8 star review out of 5, or sometimes even more!

How do we achieve this? Simple, we care about our customers. The moment you place an order with us, we keep you up to date. We share pictures of the whole process at each important stage to make sure you are happy with the overall product. And if there is something that would not seem right to you, we can always have a chat about how to improve your experience.

So let´s take a tour through our Etsy shop. The first thing you notice, if you are one of our regulars, that the shop is structured the same way as our main store, but with numbers of products in each category, that will help you search our items much faster. The feature we love the most is that if you feel indecisive, the featured items page you land on will help you make your purchase smoothly. If you have never purchased a marionette and are not sure which one from which category you should choose, this site is the place to start.

And now to our sale. You know we hardly do any offers on our stock as we usually have a scarcity of our products. We usually only make a small amount for each marionette, sometimes only one or two. But since you all have been with us on this crazy puppetry journey, we have decided it is time to reward you. Therefore, exclusively on our Etsy, you will find a code SAVE12 that will be automatically applied to each purchase you make, saving you 12 % on your entire basket.

Sounds neat? Let´s shop! 

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