• 9+ joints, simple controller
  • 9+ joints, fully functional controller

The smallest marionettes in the world by Vladislav Boruta

The smallest marionettes in the world by Vladislav Boruta

Vladislav Boruta has been involved in carving for almost 30 years; since childhood, he has enjoyed working with wood. His motto, "I am a carver, with a small workshop, not interested in more..." are slightly modified words from a song. It doesn't apply to him literally; besides working with wood, he's interested in other things as well. What keeps him restless is the desire for a perfect form. He is daily fascinated and amazed by the curves of human faces, figures, ordinary things, and everything that surrounds him. He can marvel at the face of a young woman and think: What is the interplay of curves that makes her so beautiful? What determined the delicacy of her face? The curve of the lips, eyebrows, or the shape of the nose? And equally fascinating to him is the ear of an old man, which precisely completes his age. So with a bit of imagination, he still embarks on that complex journey, sometimes from the existing to the created, other times from the idea to realization. He loves the tapping of wooden pieces in the movement of the puppet. And so, from carving 2-meter figures, he has anchored himself to 10 cm puppets in the spirit of the saying "Little is beautiful."

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