ANY Marionette

ANY Marionette

ANY - Marionette Puppet. The training puppet that can turn become any character. Available assembled or in a DIY KIT. Includes learning videos.

Would you like to learn how to operate your marionette and you are feeling a little lost? Well, we created a great solution – ANY the training marionette

How to string a marionette

No marionette can play well if the strings aren't attached correctly. It is important for the puppet to have a perfect centre of gravity, balance and a range of motion. We are able to teach you this.

Not only basic movements

Walking, running and sitting down are the basis of movement for all marionettes. But what about crawling or falling down?
Step by step, we can show you these extra moves.  As we all know, each character moves in a different way. A toddler is learning how to walk and is insecure. The Rascal runs around and has the urge to jump and kick against almost everything around him. Oldman has to be careful with every step he takes and with wisdom that comes with age, he sits down on a bench and feeds the birds.  We’re going to help you develop skills,  giving expression and emotion to your marionette.

Why start learning with ANY?

ANY doesn’t need a costume. The fact that Any is without character,  gives you the ability to see the progress you're making while learning and you will focus better.  Later, you can give ANY any costume you like. Just grab a scarf and you can make a miracle out of it. It’s so versatile, you can create as many  characters as you want. Tie the scarf like a diaper and you’ve got a baby. Put the scarf around its head and you’ve got an old lady. There are thousands of options and it’s up to you how creative you want to be with your ANY.

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