Fairy tale wolf puppetFairy tale wolf puppetFairy tale wolf puppetFairy tale wolf puppetFairy tale wolf puppet
foto: Fairy tale wolf puppetfoto: Fairy tale wolf puppetfoto: Fairy tale wolf puppetfoto: Fairy tale wolf puppetfoto: Fairy tale wolf puppet

Fairy tale wolf puppet

Jana Ischanoe

This Marionette is the most friendly wolf you could meet. No need to be afraid!

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Please, note that each marionette is an original piece of art and it may slightly differ from the pictures above. For example the clothes or the hair colour may be different, depending on the availability of the materials.

Le marionette di questa categoria rappresentano la tradizione ceca nella costruzione di marionette. Si tratta per lo più di pupazzi fusi in piccola serie, che vengono poi decorati a mano con cucito e pittura.

Spedizione in tutto il mondo dal 2000
Per trovare le spese di spedizione per la tua destinazione, aggiungi la marionetta in un carrello e seleziona il tuo paese. L'importo verrà calcolato automaticamente.

  • Taglia: 33 cm (13.0 inches)
  • Peso: 0.5 kg
  • Materiale: Gesso
  • Produzione: Colato
  • Mobilità: Esposizione (low)
  • Progettista: Jana Ischanoe
  • Genere Animale
  • Personaggio: Lupo
  • funzioni 0

A wolf puppet from the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood

The wolf is presented as a negative character in most fairy tales. However, this is not the case with our puppet. This good old fellow doesn't want to chase any Little Red Riding Hood anymore and will rather enjoy a quiet life with the forest and sun-drenched gatherings. Puppets like the magical wolf are produced in limited editions of a few pieces. The head, hands, and feet are cast and hand-painted, and the body (skeleton) is made of linden wood. The puppet has traditional control, it is connected to the rocker by a solid wire, and classic threads are used to control the hands and feet.Check out the beautiful and detailed work of a gorgeous custom-made costume. It is made of high-quality materials with a great emphasis on precision processing. High ornamentation is absolutely typical for this collection. Thanks to the skill of the puppeteer, this beautiful piece was created. The faux fur coat, cloak, and hat are the results of the masterful work of our skilled seamstress.
This Wolf will certainly fit in your puppet theater as well as a decoration or an original gift for your loved ones.


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neilmorales2610 28. 8. 2021bbbbb

Love this artist’s work!

Articolo acquistato: Fairy tale wolf puppet
estherfloud 29. 1. 2021bbbbb

A beautiful wolf. Scary but very appealing. Very cleverly made

Articolo acquistato: Fairy tale wolf puppet
Jenny Laven 20. 7. 2017bbbbb

Articolo acquistato: Fairy tale wolf puppet
Bret Stuart 18. 4. 2017bbbbb

Very beautifully made, absolutely love him!

Articolo acquistato: Fairy tale wolf puppet

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