Punk Boy Ramone MarionettePunk Boy Ramone MarionettePunk Boy Ramone MarionettePunk Boy Ramone MarionettePunk Boy Ramone Marionette

Punk Boy Ramone Marionette

Marionette of this Punk Boy Ramone is a new direction in marionette production. Unique and rebellion looking puppet will please all of you, who appreciate creativity and alternative ways.

EUR 363 più spese di spedizione
Please, note that each marionette is an original piece of art and it may slightly differ from the pictures above. For example the clothes or the hair colour may be different, depending on the availability of the materials.

Spedizione in tutto il mondo dal 2000
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  • Disponibilità: Preordinare
  • Taglia: 58 cm (22.8 inches)
  • Peso: 3 kg
  • Materiale: Legno
  • Produzione: Intagliato a mano
  • Mobilità: Amatoriale (medium)
  • Genere Uomo
  • Caratteristiche: Altro
foto: Punk Boy Ramone Marionettefoto: Punk Boy Ramone Marionettefoto: Punk Boy Ramone Marionettefoto: Punk Boy Ramone Marionettefoto: Punk Boy Ramone Marionette
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Pre-ordine - The production of this marionette can take several months.
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Puppet’s not dead

Are you tired of a typical looking marionette? Do you like some different stuff? Unique art? Do you already have puppets around your neck that are still the same? Are you angry Do you disagree with something?

In that case, Ramon is the right puppet for you! ’Punk’s not dead’ or ’No future’ are definitely slogans of Ramon’s heart. He is a 100% punk at heart. A leather bud, a cigarette in his mouth and a clear head only underline it. While walking through the town, he’s always smoking a cigarette. Even though his look is rough (leather jacket, earring, and mohawk hairstyle), Ramon is actually a sensitive guy with a big heart and he’ll be happy to be your friend.

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Carol 10. 1. 2022bbbbb

Hi Katerina, I wanted you to know that Robert received his Marionette today, he loved it and couldn't get over how well it was made and how good the packaging was on it. I want to thank you, from the start it was enjoyable working with you and I will be sure to tell everyone how easy you made it. You never know when you order items from such a long ways away. Thank you again and look forward to working with yoy again. Happy 2022, Carol

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Angela S Chambers S Chambers 5. 1. 2022bbbbb

very nice. came on time.

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Cole 30. 12. 2021bbbbb

Second marionette bought from them. Great quality super cute

Morgan 30. 12. 2021bbbbb

Stunning doll! Had a shipping issue and they next dayd me a new doll so my daughter had hers by Christmas morning! It made her whole year. We will buy from you again for sure!!!

Robert 29. 12. 2021bbbbb

Awesome product and great buying experience! The seller is very kind and puts so much work into their creations! I bought this marionette for my boyfriend and he adores it

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