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Marionettes at the Palace

Marionettes at the Palace

A royal court or palace is a place full of wonderful things indeed. Now we have a chance to take a look into this majestic world with our aristocratic marionettes. Collection of beautifully ornately dressed puppets. Small works of art. Faces like porcelain dolls. Richly decorated, made of beautiful materials.

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A palace is a great place to live...Obviously!    Everybody lives here under the reign of his majesty King Rudolf. There is never time to get bored here! Three courtiers arrange all the fun events at the palace such as amusing entertainment for their king and queen as well as dinner parties for all the royal guests. The White lady and Dracula watch over the whole palace at night while the Musketeers and knights look after this magical place during the day.  What a great team they are!!


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