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Queen Hedwig MarionetteQueen Hedwig MarionetteQueen Hedwig MarionetteQueen Hedwig Marionette

Queen Hedwig Marionette

Queen Hedwig is an elegant lady, the better half of King Felix. This handmade puppet is an original piece that will conjure up a fairytale atmosphere in any children's room.

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Please, note that each marionette is an original piece of art and it may slightly differ from the pictures above. For example the clothes or the hair colour may be different, depending on the availability of the materials.

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  • Availability: Available (4 pcs)
  • Size: 20 cm
  • Weight: 0.25 kg
  • Material: Wood
  • Production: Other
  • Mobility: Exposition (low)
  • Designer: Mašek
  • Gender Woman
  • Character: Queen
foto: Queen Hedwig Marionettefoto: Queen Hedwig Marionettefoto: Queen Hedwig Marionettefoto: Queen Hedwig Marionette
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Available (4 pcs)
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Queen's wooden puppet

Queen Hedwig is 20 cm high and the whole is made of wood. Her burgundy dress is hand-sewn and elaborated to the smallest detail. Her hair is made of wool and her face is hand-painted with non-hazardous colors. This puppet of Queen Hedwig is a great wooden toy for life, which will awaken a lot of emotions in you. The puppet has a professional simple device.

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