We work as usual! Our e-shop, workshop & custom orders are continuing normally. In accordance with government policy and COVID-19 pandemic, we have closed down stores and learning sessions.

About us

For people charmed by the magic of marionettes and playing with them...

Sourced from a deep cultural tradition,
Czech Marionettes™ represent the best quality in
marionette puppet making.

We truly believe that Czech Marionettes should
bring joy and fun to every household on this beautiful planet.

Small batch production

Czech Marionettes™ have the workshop capacity to create exclusive handmade products.
Our creations are very detailed, perfectly funcional and ... simply beautiful.

Czechmarionettes include custom design for private label production.
You can also become our reseller at wholesale area.

Full catalogue of our marionettes

Custom orders and art marionettes

We are able to make marionettes from a picture of a person
as well as from your own design. For professionals or just for fun.
We can advise about the best concepts together with the most talented
artists in the field.

Marionettes for Film production

Czech Marionettes™ are capable of responding to the requests of both film and advertising. We are able to bring design concepts together with efficient production and also we are able to travel and perform with our creations all over the world.

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Puppeteers - actors

Czech Marionettes™ have a team of professional marionette performers for film and events.  We are used to travelling all around the world to support your ideas and our craft.

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We organise workshops for those of you who would like to become a puppeteer. We are able to teach all enthusiasts how to hand carve their own marionette puppet and how to operate it.

We bring future puppeteers to our beautiful city of Prague, or we can come to your country as well.

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