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Home Gnomes Marionettes

Home Gnomes Marionettes

These cute home gnomes will always protect you from all kinds of traps and danger. They do love to help, but it’s also possible that they will muddle something up once in a while....

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  • Have you ever experienced it when you can't see something that is right under your nose or when you can't find that matching sock? That’s the work of these little gnomes! Please don't think they do these things on purpose, oh no, they just get confused once in a while but they always mean well.. They don’t know what anger is and they would never do anything with bad intentions. Don't ever be mean to them, because they might just pay you back! Once you show them love, they will always love you back!
  • Home Gnomes are fragile creatures. Their bodies are hand carved from wood, but their hands and heads are plaster cast. These marionettes are made with love and care, each of them is hand painted and their super cute outfits are hand sewn as well.


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