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Marionette making: Small controllerMarionette making: Small controller

Marionette making: Small controller

Make your own puppet! If you’re not a handy hand carver, nevermind!

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  • Availability: Available (1 pcs)
  • Size: 18 cm
  • Gender Universal
  • Character: Other
foto: Marionette making: Small controllerfoto: Marionette making: Small controller
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Available (1 pcs)
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Get the parts, put the marionette together and paint and dress it yourself!   You can make the body parts using your own imagination, skills and abilities. Inspiration has no borders. It could be clay, fabric, wood or you can use a tennis ball for example!:-) It’s up to you! 

This controller is suitable for small or middle size puppets about 26cm tall.

Size: 18cm

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