Körper 16 cmKörper 16 cmKörper 16 cmKörper 16 cmKörper 16 cm
foto: Körper 16 cmfoto: Körper 16 cmfoto: Körper 16 cmfoto: Körper 16 cmfoto: Körper 16 cm

Körper 16 cm


Machen Sie sich Ihre eigene Puppe! Egal, ob Sie ein guter Schnitzer sind oder nicht.

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Versand weltweit seit 2000
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  • Größe: 16 cm (6.3 inches)
  • Gewicht: 0.1 kg
  • Geschlecht Universal
  • Charakter: Andere
  • Funktionen 0

Get the parts, put the marionette together and paint and dress it by yourself!   You can make the body parts according to your own imagination, skills and abilities. Initiative has no borders. It could be clay, fabric, wood or you can use a tennis ball for example!:-) It’s up to you! 

This body is 16 cm tall made from wood and you can get the matching controller as well.


Stefano Santi 16. 8. 2023bbbbb

Thank you for all your advice and help! Guys at Czech Marionettes are really masters of what they do. I have visited them in their studio and got my Skeleton there. Will buy more professional stuff there.

Thomas Fuller 13. 7. 2023bbbbb

I was surprised by how easy and fun it is to operate. The controls and strings are straightforward, making it easy to create various dance movements. For its size, the puppet is very compact and can be comfortably carried in a small backpack. If you're looking for a simple yet entertaining and nice marionette, this marionette is a fantastic choice.

Aprille Ross 11. 6. 2023bbbbb

Absolutely beautiful!!

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Sydney Ruggiero 11. 6. 2023bbbbb

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9. 6. 2023bbbbb

If you enjoy Marionettes this is the site for you - your time and effort will be used wisely if you love creative puppets I recommend this site owner unconditionally and enthusiastically!

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