Jan Kukla (* 1973 in Jihlava)

  • * 1973 in Jihlava
    He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, completed the sculptural art study by prof. Vladimir Preclik,
    finished the Arts and Crafts School in Prague as well as the art of painting study with prof. Pavel Nešleha.
    Since 1993 Jan Kukla has been exhibited statues and paintings in several well-known Czech galleries.
    He started to create marionettes in 1995, the art of carving represents one of his creative initiatives.


Random marionettes from this author

string(10) "Pinnocchio"


Thumnail of photo Pinnocchio

Size: 40cm

Weight: 1000g

Price: 335 (273 €)

string(5) "Punch"


Thumnail of photo Punch

Size: 48cm

Weight: 2000g

Price: 545 (445 €)

string(5) "Punch"


Thumnail of photo Punch

Size: 65cm

Weight: 2000g

Price: 475 (388 €)



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Skype: amimarionettes

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