Čestmír Hanza (* 1947 in Prague)

  • * 1947 in Prague
    An artist, musician, translator and interpreter.
    He was a member of various bigbeat and jazz bands during his studies.
    He also contributed regularly to the Czech music magazine „Melodie“.
    After graduation from the university Mr. Hanza made his living as a translator and interpreter.
    As a novel translator he received several prizes.
    He started with creating his fifty centimeters tall marionettes in 1988.
    Till 1990 Mr. Hanza made more than ten unique and modern puppet designs.
    His marionettes are popular among collectors at home and abroad, too, and
    Mr. Hanza has been exhibited in many European countries as well as overseas.


Random marionettes from this author

string(3) "Jew"


Thumnail of photo Jew

Size: 35cm

Weight: 1000g

Price: 44 (36 €)

string(8) "Scotsman"


Thumnail of photo Scotsman

Size: 25cm

Weight: 1000g

Price: 35 (28 €)

string(7) "Grandpa"


Thumnail of photo Grandpa

Size: 35cm

Weight: 1000g

Price: 44 (36 €)



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