[authors/bartonov%C3%A1.jpg]Michaela Bartoňová

Michaela majored from advertisement
at the Journalism Faculty of Charles University. She is the manager of Tineola Theatre, visual artist and puppeteer. Since 1999 she has launched 8 puppet plays for Tineola and has been cooperating with numerous European puppet theatres. She writes, stages, plays and directs performances of Tineola Theatre. Michaela teaches puppet design focusing
on the aesthetic properties of puppets. She has initiated, arranged and lectured lessons and courses
on Communication through Puppets and Puppet and Imagination. To this end she cooperates with education and communication specialists, psychologists and therapists and has organized
an international projects all over the world. ( 2004 – 2010)The project continues depending on irregular financial support from various sources.


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