Antonín Sucharda

  • Was born in 25.3.1843 in Nová Paka.
  • A famous czech carver, a continuer of family carving tradition, who made a name for carving of “marionettes of Paka“.
  • He passed the university of the plastic arts in Prague.
  • During his studies he came into contact with czech famous artist Neruda, Hálek, Náprstek, Heller and so on. He cooperated with father Antonín Sucharda sen. in a family workshop for stonemason and carving work in Nová Paka.
  • They made various monuments, tombstones, church props, benches and collections of marionettes.
  • His stonemason work set the nature of many towns in area of Podkrkonoší.
  • In 1911 he exhibited his work at the first puppet exhibition in Prague.
  • His puppets had an opening mouth and a moving eyes.
  • His favourite figures were folk people, he was an exellent creator of devils.
  • He made puppets for a strolling puppet master family Maizner.
  • He had 8 chidren, the most of them inherited an art talent.
  • His son Vojtěch was a founder of puppet theatre Říše loutek.
  • Antonín Sucharda died in 21.9.1911 in Nová Paka.


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